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Drum Heater Jacket with Digital Controller


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Argus Heating design, manufacture, and distribute a range of IBC and Drum Heaters and accessories. Drum Heater Jackets are specifically designed to heat the contents of drums, reduce the viscosity of products or melt solids so they are pourable. The Jacket is now fitted with a compact Digital Temperature Controller, providing easy to use, yet precise, temperature control. An Argus Metal Drum Base Heater can be added if additional heating is required. An Insulated Lid for the top of the drum is also available.


There are Drum Heating Jackets to suit 25, 50, 105 & 200L drums. They are fitted with a Digital PID Temperature Controller, providing precise control from 0 - 90ºC. Manufactured in accordance with LVD2014/35/EU and tested in accordance with AS/NZS3760-2010+A2. The approximate warm-up duration is 24 hours to raise 200L of water from +15ºC to +80ºC with a 1200W drum heater. Custom design Heater Jackets are available on request. A fitted Insulated Lid option is available.


Durable Teflon coated polyester outer; efficient needled polyester insulation; high temperature Silicone Heating Cable; easy quick release buckles; durable polycarbonate enclosed 4 digit digital controller; with a 2m power cord and moulded 3-pin AS/NZ plug.

Stock Code Description

Drum Type(L)

Dimersions(mm) Wattage(W) Voltage(V)
DH120 (ex-stock) 0-90 deg C* 200 1990 x 800 1200 230
DH220 0-90 deg C* 200 1990 x 800 1200 110
DH123 0-90 deg C* 105 1650 x 370 400 230
DH108 (ex-stock) 0-90 deg C* 50-60 1330 x 460 300 230
DH224 0-90 deg C* 50-60 1330 x 460 300 110
DH109 (ex-stock) 0-90 deg C* 20-30 1200 x 400 225 230
DH225 0-90 deg C* 20-30 1200 x 400 240 110
FAB008(ex-stock) Insulated Lid 200 N/A N/A


* Controller can be set to 0-40 deg C for Plastic drums on request.

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