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Drum Insulated Jackets


  • Reduces heat loss or improves efficiency when used in conjunction with a heater
  • Speeds up the time needed to heat the product to temperature
  • Allows the product to reach a higher top temperature

Argus Heating design, manufacture and distribute a range of IBC and Drum Heaters and accessories. Drum Insulated Jackets can be used in conjunction with many of the Drum Heaters in our range. It easily wraps around the drum held together with its Velcro strip and comes with a built-in insulated lid that still allows easy access for filling/dispensing. When used with the Drum Base Heater or a Flexible Silicone Drum Heater, it will reduce the heat up time and increase the top range temperature attainable. It can be fitted after the drum is heated and will maintain the product temperature for a longer period of time.


  • Flame retardant and water resistant
  • Superior needled polyester insulation ensures heat is retained inside the drum.
  • Designed to suit 200 litre metal or plastic drums.
  • The Drum Insulated Jacket can be used with a Flexible Silicone Drum Heater or a Base Drum Heater.


  • Polyurethane Nylon fabric with Velco strip
Stock Code Description
FAB006 200 L Drum Insulated Jacket with Lid


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