Argus Heating

Flexible Silicone Heaters


  • Process Heating
  • Freeze Protection
  • Condensation Protection
  • Composite Bonding
  • Battery Packs
  • Melting Solids
  • Tank Heating
  • Pipe Heating

Argus Heating design, manufacture, and distribute a range of Flexible Silicone Heaters. These heaters are a reliable and economical heat source, capable of providing uniform heat to any surface, including flat, irregular or three dimensional geometries. Argus Heating will design a Flexible Silicone Heaters to suit your application.


  • Perform well under adverse conditions, such as when exposed to oil and solvents.
  • Strong, flexible, and durable
  • Can be attached with silicone adhesive, double sided adhesive tape, or mechanical fastenings.
  • Thermal sensors can be moulded into the heater


  • Resistance wire wound on a fiberglass core and encased in silicone.
  • Silicone rubber or PTFE leads.
  • Thermostat or thermocouple fitted on request.  

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Conical shaped Flexible Silicone Heater

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