Argus Heating

Foil Heaters


  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
  • 3-dimensional objects – conical, round or square tanks, pipes etc.
  • Fats & oils
  • Honey Melting Vats
  • Chemicals
  • Propagation Trays
  • Food Tray Warmers
  • Butter Conditioners
  • Incubators
  • Panel Heaters

Argus Heating design and manufacture Foil Heaters for a wide variety of applications where surface heating is required. We can design a Foil Heater to suit your application, including different configurations of output, voltage, shape, construction and terminations. We can manufacture one-off designs or mass produce large volumes. When temperature control is required, sensors and over-temperature protection devices can be incorporated. Foil Heaters are designed to suit your application, up to 2000 Watts/m² with a maximum temperature of 125°C. Higher temperatures and increased wattages can be achieved when the Foil Heater is clamped between two metal surfaces.


  • Any shape or size, double sided foil with optional adhesive on one side, earthed
  • Thermostat, thermocouple, or other temperature sensor options
  • Moulded 3-pin plug, IEC plug or cold tails


  • Custom made silicone rubber insulated Heating Cable laminated in between layers of thick aluminium foil.
  • An adhesive backing on one side of the Foil Heater is optional.

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Foil Heater suitable for single use Foil Heater suitable for multiple use

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