Argus Heating

Heavy Duty Water Heaters


  • Water in cylinders where an extended life is required
  • Hard water where the impurities in the water build-up on the element legs causing premature failure.

Argus Heating design, manufacture, and distribute Heavy Duty Water Heaters. These specialist elements are well suited to difficult heating conditions or where long-life is required. The large diameter legs allow for a low watt density resulting in reduced scale (lime) build-up, and lowers element surface temperature as well as extending element life.


  • Incoloy® 800 - a nickel alloy that is extremely resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.
  • Pressure tested to reduce the chance of leakage


  • High quality components to maximise performance and extend the life of the element, using Incoloy® 800 sheaths with 11mm diameter.
  • 1.25" or 2" BSP brass boss with M5 stud terminals
  • Optional thermostat tube fitted to 6kW tank elements
  • Sealing washer and earthing screw
Stock Code BSP Boss Size No of Legs Wattage (W) Voltage (V) Length (mm)
WH1501 1.25" 1 1500 230 340
WH2001 1.25" 2 2000 230 280
WH3001 1.25" 2 3000 230 340
WH6001 2" 3 6000 3 x 230 370
WH6002 2" 3 6000 3 x 230 370


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