Argus Heating

Furnace & Kiln Spiral Elements


  • Process ovens
  • High temperature ovens
  • Metal tempering furnaces
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Furnaces for melting metals
  • Furnaces for firing ceramics, brick and blocks
  • Pottery Kilns, such as Cobcraft for hobbyists
  • Commercial Pottery & Ceramic Kilns

Argus Heating design and manufacture a wide range of custom made Furnace and Kiln Spiral Elements from resistance wire held in stock.


  • A range of terminating options are available including: straight wire tails, twisted tails, and 8mm diameter Kanthal A1 rod terminals.
  • Argus Heating can custom design and manufacture elements.


  • Long lasting spirals are produced from high quality Kanthal A1 and D resistance wire.
  • Our skilled and experienced team, spin this wire using custom made mandrels and machines to produce high quality spirals.
Applications Max Temp Dia (mm)      Ohms/m         AppWire Type
Small pottery kilns & furnaces 1300°C 0.14 - 1.02 68.19 - 1.66 Kanthal D
Heat treatment, ceramics, pottery kilns & glass furnaces                        1400°C 1.02 - 4.12 1.71 - 0.10 Kanthal A1


To make a sales enquiry regarding a furnace or kiln spiral element please download and complete as much information as possible on the pdf enquiry form and return it to us at We will respond to your enquiry promptly.

Alternatively, please phone us to discuss your requirements.

Download sales enquiry form (pdf)

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