Argus Heating

Moulded Silicone Rubber Heat Pads


  • Printers and 3D Printers
  • Anti-Condensation Heaters
  • Switchboards
  • Paper Storage Cabinets
  • Heating viscous liquids in small containers
  • Low temperature environments
  • Electric Motors
  • Pumps

Argus Heating design, manufacture, and distribute Silicone Rubber Heaters. These Heat Pads easily attach to a surface using high temperature RTV. They provide gentle heating in low temperature environments to eliminate moisture build-up in enclosures and cabinets and will also prevent the freezing process when fitted to equipment. We can custom design and manufacture Heat Pads to suit your requirements.


  • Supplies localised heat in an enclosure or to equipment and not the environment.
  • Provides low-cost heating for a variety of applications.
  • They have low initial purchase cost, are simple to install, and very inexpensive to run.


  • Moulded heat-resistant red silicone with a flexible spiral wound element encased within the heat pad.
Stock Code & Wattage (W)
Voltage (V) Size (mm) 10W 20W 30W 40W 60W 90W
230 50 x 25 x 8 S021010A          
230 150 x 75 x 8 S063010A S063020A S063030A S063040A S063060A S063090A
230 225 x 75 x 8 S093010A S093020A S093030A S063040A S093060A S093090A
24 150 x 75 x 8 S063010D S063020B S063030C      
415 150 x 75 x 8 S063010C S063020C        


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Silicone Rubber Heater Range Paper storage cupboard Incubator Irrigation Switchboard Pump

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